Destiny – not a great multiplayer game

Destiny is an ambitious project in which the producers have invested plenty of money and also plenty of time. It is obvious that the producers put so much passion into creating the world of the game, but because of various issues related to the hardware and software, Destiny doesn’t present to player a world cohesive enough to be credible.

This game can be played only online, but I honestly can’t understand why. The only place where you can meet other players without going through a process of matchmaking is the main town (The City), and even there, the only interactions in-game are three gestures and a button that you can make the character to dance.

What I liked most is the visual experience that offers the game. The landscapes are absolutely beautiful and vivid and colorful graphics. Sometimes I was actually bothered by moments of combat because they interrupted me from admiring the scenes. The gaming world is huge and offers a fantastic diversity of landscapes worthy of admiration. We can see that the producers of the game have invested heavily in the design of each level so to not seem repetitive for a second.

The special abilities of each class was another selling point of the game. Although it doesn’t quite offers the complexity promised by the producers, it is enough diversity in the game to be more than just a shooter.

The main weakness is that this game does not seem to be a good multiplayer. Sure, missions can be played by yourself, but in this case, why do you have to be constantly connected to the internet? In terms of gameplay, I am also a little disappointed because there is no better opportunity to cooperate with other players. The only advantage that you have when you play with other players is that you can kill enemies faster simply because there are more guns sharing bullets. There is no support role, combos of skills, there is only more individual damage.

When I first saw the game, I was hoping to be good and as I said I was a little bit disappointed. I hate that I have to be always connected to the internet even though I want to play in the single player mode. And I also hate the fact that the multiplayer mode is practically inexistent. And when I say I hate it, I mean it because the rest of the characteristic of the game are more than perfect and it is actually a shame these two ruin them.